Squash Banana

"Love, love, love"

We first started working with Coconut Collaborative back in 2015. We love Coconuts, and they seemed to be nuts about Bananas, so it was a match made in fruity heaven! We’ve worked on a number of projects with this inspiring brand, including pitch books, packaging, digital campaigns, visual merchandising, and marketing. Long live this beautiful collaboration!


Whats special about Melissa and her team is that you get quality output without the big agency red tape, so very entrepreneurial in spirit, which makes them a pleasure to work with.

Brand identity and website by BigFish


"Switched on with big visions and fresh ideas"

When we first started working with Alex and Stacey, it was to introduce the world to the Meringue Girls via their website. We knew the second we met them in their kooky house in Hackney, we needed colour, vivacity and funk with a capital ‘K’. We centred the theme around the signature colours of their sugary edible treats, then drew in enforcements from David Loftus, food photographer extraordinaire to capture these little beauties (and the meringues!) in all their glory. We have gone on to create an array of promotional pieces for the Meringue Girls, including event POS, recipe cards and adverts.

The Testimonial
We are so happy with our Meringue Girls website, and are really grateful to Squash Banana Designs for all their hard work. Squash Banana is a creative, young and dynamic boutique agency which took a fantastic approach to creating a website that has function as well as reflecting our unique product and personalities. Melissa is incredibly patient and thorough in her approach, and worked methodically to bring our ideas to life. She is switched on with big visions and fresh ideas. Always on time, we felt that there was no pressure to go sign off until everything was just perfect. We have had a fantastic response since the website went live, and it we are very proud of it. Thank you SB x

"Happy with everything"

When pre-eminent leader in cosmetic dermatology and aesthetics, Dr Rachael Eckel contacted us to work on her new brand, The Skinhealth Institute, we were too fascinated by this brief to say no. The medical clinic was to be built in the heart of The West Indies, Trinidad and we would be working with Dr. Eckel from ground zero. As the solid structural blocks of her physical site were being dug into the ground, we too were laying our creative foundation with the company’s branding. And then further, with the website design and development, and further still with instore graphics, signage, promotional merchandise, company collateral and online campaigns. It has been an all singing and dancing show of which we have loved being creative maestro.

Photography by Nicole Nodland. Styling by Johnny Blue-eyes

"We can't recommend her highly enough"

We have been working with G’NOSH since 2015. First commissioned to design their new season of menu cards, we have gone on to collaborate with them for pitch books, digital campaigns and event promotion.

The Testimonial

G’NOSH chose Melissa to work with on some recipe cards using our products. From the word go she and the team were enthusiastic and creative, understanding our brand values and priorities instantly. Everything was executed perfectly and she demonstrated a clear understanding of our brief, as well as being an ongoing support to G’NOSH via social media.

We can’t recommend her highly enough, the finished cards are perfect. we continue to use Squash Banana for other work – they are great.

Brand identity and website by Mystery.

"It is beautiful - hat's off!"

If ever there was a company that we were dying to work with, Dishoom was it. From the first time we visited their spectacular restaurant late last year, we were eager to collaborate, so when Chatter-Walli told us that they wanted to promote their latest event for Eid, we jumped at the chance. Having been fans of Dishoom for a long time, we knew that the artwork had to be elegant and classic, emotionally evocative and gently subtle. We sourced a beautiful postcard that was written between two sisters in 1930, and found that the words, and sentiment was so endearing, that we thought it was perfect for the occasion.

The Testimonial

Squash Banana were passionate and enthusiastic about our project, and delivered a great result for us. It is beautiful- hat’s off to Squash Banana for that!

– Sara Star, Chatter-Walli

The postcard is fabulous. It reminds me of letters I wrote to my paternal grandmother when I was little. It is brilliant!

– Mehrunnisa Yusuf, Guest writer for Eid


We keep our eyes peeled and our ears to the ground, and are always on the hunt for talent that we would like to work with and when we found out that Masterchef finalist, ‘Koj’ was in need of a re-brand, we knew there was a collaboration to be had. With his exquisite eye for presentation and his fascinating professional and ancestral background we knew we had to get this mixture of intrigue to translate. Personal, yet professional, we are proud serve up this tasty creation!

The Testimonial

I am delighted with my logo – I have received many positive comments on my logo from clients.
The logo is stylish, sophisticated and has just a hint of Japanese in it. It reminds me of the way I plate my food: freestyle, artistically but still attractive.

"Great passion and ideas"

Jude’s is a multi-award winning brand of delicious, home-grown in Hampshire. When they approached us to work with them on ‘re-inventing the wheel’ of their mobile sales unit, we said ‘Yes, YES, YES!’ with open arms.


We worked with Squash Banana for the creation of our mobile sales unit. From the moment we met Melissa, she was filled with great passion and ideas for Jude’s and we felt her connection to the brand. Squash Banana worked very efficiently and professionally and we thoroughly recommend their services to anyone!

"Great grasp of brief and delivery"

This Jax Coco brief was one of our favourites; taking a brief from design concept, to installation and execution in store. We were tasked to create a window display for the illustrious brand Jax Coco, it was to reside in the prime location of Wholefoods during the prime winter season, carrying this shop display into the new year. Our aim was simple; let our creative freedom run wild and showcase this amazing brand, Jax Coco.

Coconuts, if you don’t know us, our one of our most beloved fruits (aside from the Banana of course, which is tops). We wanted to juxtapose the clean and crisp aesthetic of Jax Coco’s brand with the organic and rustic element of Wholefoods. Our main focal point was the core ingredient itself, so had patterned runners leading up to the Coconut Shy- vibrant, bright and totally fun. Baskets of hampers hugged fresh coconuts and Jax Coco’s products. We had key messaging boards which highlighted the fact that Jax Coco’s products could be used Morning, Noon and Night and introduced an online campaign which ran alongside this display inviting users to send in pictures of variety of ways that they used the products; be in for eating, drinking, cooking or for cosmetic.



Squash Banana is here to offer you a unique design experience. We are a young, fresh, London-based agency, specialising in branding, marketing and creative design. Our mission is to create inspired, unforgettable and personal content that is creatively conceptualised, skilfully engineered and handled with care. We are the company to go to if you’re looking for Original Personality.

We are a small team of dedicated, like-minded individuals who are united in our love for design. But it would be wrong to think our little David hub cannot handle the Goliath brief. Oh. No. Over the decade, we’ve accumulated a Squad of both budding and established artists, photographers, stylists, installers and web experts who we enlist if the project calls for it. This enables exercise our creative flair in a broad range of styles without the price tags associated with big agencies.

Q: So, what is it you do exactly? A: Everything.

Greedily speaking, we love all aspects of design, so we are not exclusive with the services we offer! We are first and foremost a concept-driven agency, so our excitement for bespoke creativity sees itself manifest in an array of design services; branding, online and print campaigns, websites and visual merchandising to name a few.

We love our job. Sounds cliche, but it’s the truth. This love of engaging briefs, quest for inspiration and connection with the people we work with mean that we will go to the ends of the earth for our clients. Our enduring relationships are forged on trust, reliability and assurance. We’ve been fortunate to work with colourful, high soaring, forward thinking entrepreneurs- who have all been a bit banana’s themselves. And if you fancy yourself as someone who’s a star-gazing dreamer, trust us, we will work very well together.